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Professor, Associate Director of the Center for International Studies, Director of the Center for East Asian Studies, Western Washington University, USA.

Historical linguist at Western Washington University. E. Vajda is known for his work on the proposed DeneľYeniseian language family, seeking to establish that the Ket language of Siberia has a common linguistic ancestor with the Na-Dene languages of North America.

Edward Vajda began to study the Ket language in the 1990s after the dissolution of the Soviet Union; he interviewed Ket speakers in Germany and later traveled to Tomsk in southwestern Siberia to perform fieldwork. In August 2008 he became the first North American to visit the Ket homeland in north-central Siberia's Turukhansky District, where he conducted intensive fieldwork with some of the remaining Ket speakers. Vajda's 67-page article "A Siberian link with Na-Dene languages" was published in 2010 in the Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska.

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