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Special courses in English in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

Course Description


Bachelor degree



Number of hours:

  • Total: 96
  • Lectures: 24
  • Practice: 8
  • Labs: 16
  • Self-study: 48


Mathematics, Physics, Construction Materials Engineering


To develop knowledge and understanding of tolerancing principles and inspection methods and instruments applied in mechanical engineering. The course also aims to develop the ability for technical communication via correct dimensioning on engineering drawings


  1. Principles of Dimensional Tolerancing

    Interchangeability. Accuracy and Deviations. Fits. Clearance Fit. Interference Fit. Transition Fit. Systems of Fit. ISO Tolerance Grades. Fundamental Deviations. Rolling Bearings Tolerancing. Limit Gauges Tolerancing. Screw Thread Tolerancing. Tolerancing of Cones and Wedges.

  2. Principles of Geometric Tolerancing

    Concept of Geometric Tolerancing, Form Deviations: Straightness, Flatness. Roundness, Cylindricity, Longitudinal Section Profile, Form of a Line , Form of a Surface. Location Deviations: Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity, Coaxiality, Symmetry, Crossed Axes, Position. Composite Deviations: Circular Run-out, Total Run-out. Maximum Material Condition.

  3. Surface Texture

    Roughness. Waviness.

  4. Tolerance Analysis

    Basic Concepts and Methods of Calculation. 2D and 3D Tolerance Stacks.

  5. Engineering Metrology

    Principles and Methods. Gauge Blocks. Vernier Calipers. Micrometers. Dial Indicators. Limit Gauges. Coordinate Measuring Machine.

  6. Standardisation
  7. Certification


Alexey B. Kim

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