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ROSATOM Quota for State Academic Scholarship

Name of the Scholarship: ROSATOM Quota for State Academic Scholarship

Source of Financial Support Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation

Level of Education: Master Degree

The Language of instruction: English

Supported Master Degree Programme: Nuclear Power Installation Operation

Quota for international students: 35 scholarships for Master Degree Program in English

List of countries for TPU Preference Quota 2016: India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Mongolia, Egypt.

Who can apply?

Students and graduates from higher educational institutions of non-CIS countries having 4-year-Bachelor Degree Certificate (the preferable Degrees are: Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering; other qualifications will be considered individually)

State academic scholarship means:

  • Guaranteed admission to TPU without traditional entrance examinations
  • Full tuition fee at TPU,
  • Monthly scholarship (approximately 30 USD per month),
  • Discount for accommodation (50%)

State academic scholarship does not cover:

  • Airflight to Tomsk and back (about 600 $),
  • Medical insurance (55 $ per year)
  • Accommodation (6 $ per month)
  • Living expenses (100 $ per month for food)
  • Expenses for public transport
  • Expenses for seasons clothes (100-200 $)

Mechanism of financial support:

  • The tuition fee will be covered authomatically,
  • Monthly support (approximately 30 USD per month) will be provided by bank transfer to students card,
  • Reduced accommodation fee will be about 8-9 USD per month.

The reasons for scholarship cancellation: graduation, expellation from the university

Entrance requirements to candidates:

  • GPA - minimum 75%,
  • The results of the Your First Success! Olympiad minimum 70% ,
  • Academic and scientific achievements: publications, conferences, grants and others (if any).

Application Documents:

  • Application Form of Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation, filled in and signed by candidate, with color picture,
  • Copy of medical report of the results of HIV examination,
  • opy of medical assessment certificate proving physical ability to study in Russia issued by local authority of your residence,
  • Copy of International passport,
  • Copy of the Education Certificate that verifies the Secondary School level (including academic transcript: list of subjects studied and scores earned), legalized in a proper way,
  • Copy of the Bachelor Degree Certificate (including academic transcript: a list of subjects studied and scores earned), legalized in a proper way,
  • Documentary proof of English Language proficiency (if any, for education in English)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if any)

All documents should be translated into Russian and certified by a Russian notary.

It is recommended to translate and notarize documents in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country. (Note that spelling of a name in the translated documents should agree with one in the entrance visa).

The deadline for applications: 15th of June 2016

The deadline for full set of documents (sent by e-mail) is 30th of June 2016.

For more information, please, contact us: