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Competitive selection of candidates for scholarships awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation according to quota allocated for 2016

Attention! A competitive selection of candidates for postgraduate programs at TPU with scholarships awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2016/2017 academic year has started.

Available Programs

  • Masters Degree Programs in English for the TPU Preference Quota for Master Degree Programs in English (for participants from Vietnam, China, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Ghana, Egypt, Taiwan, Thailand, Cote d'Ivoire, Bulgaria)
  • Masters degree program Nuclear Power Installation Operation - for the State-owned Corporation Rosatom Quota (for participants from India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Mongolia, Egypt).

What is «quota»?

Quota defines a number of scholarships awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation allocated for postgraduate level programs offered by state organizations of the Russian Federation. In 2016 75 quotas will be available.

Language of instruction

  • Masters programs English

List of Masters degree programs in English, available for quota

Who can apply?

Students and graduates from higher educational institutions of non-CIS countries having 4-year-Bachelor Degree Certificate.

State academic scholarship means:

  • Guaranteed admission to TPU without traditional entrance examinations
  • Full tuition fee at TPU,
  • Monthly scholarship (approximately 30 USD per month),
  • Discount for accommodation (50%)

State academic scholarship does not cover:

  • Airflight to Tomsk and back (about 600 $),
  • Medical insurance (55 $ per year)
  • Accommodation (6 $ per month)
  • Living expenses (100 $ per month for food)
  • Expenses for public transport
  • Expenses for seasons clothes (100-200 $)

Entrance requirements

  1. GPA - minimum 75%
  2. The results of the «Your First Success!» Olympiad minimum 70%
  3. Academic and scientific achievements (publications, conferences, grants and others)

If you want to take part in competitive selection follow the steps given below up to June, 15, 2016:

Step 1. Take part in the TPU online Olympiad «Your First Success!»

Note! It is obligatory to send a scanned copy of task solution. Dont forget to indicate your registration number on

Step 2. Send all the documents to: , subject of the letter is «State academic scholarship_Master» .

Required documents

  1. Filled-in application form with a color photo attached (application form is to be sent in reply to your letter with task solutions)
  2. Copies of Education Certificates including the list of subjects studied and scores earned or Academic Transcript(marksheet) of current educational institution.
  3. A copy of medical assessment certificate proving physical ability to study in Russia issued by local authority of your residence.
  4. A copy of HIV and AIDS test certificate issued by local authority of your residence.
  5. A copy of passport used for entering Russia valid for 18 months since the date when your student visa comes into effect (all pages should be readable to provide you with invitation letter).
  6. Copies of documents proving academic and scientific achievements (publications, grants, diplomas of Olympiads and competitions).

Note! All documents for approved candidates should be finally legalized, translated into Russian and have notary verification. For questions regarding documents please refer to and Russian Center of Science and Culture or Riussian Embassy in your own country.

Contest committee will define the winners having highest scores in all tests. Results are to be published on IIE&LC website by July, 15, 2016.

For more information, please, contact us: