Alumni 2013

The graduation ceremony for graduate students of the Institute of International Education and Language Communication took place on June 28, 2013 in the International Cultural Centre of the University. Diplomas of the Tomsk Polytechnic University were awarded to 90 international graduates and 38 Russian specialists-translators. Diplomas with honours for high performance in study were awarded to 43 graduates.

The total number of graduates in the year 2013 was 128 people: 34 graduates from Russia, 4 graduates from Kazakhstan and 90 graduates from Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, India, Ecuador, Indonesia, Zimbabwe.

There is a good many of those among graduates who received special awards. A bronze medal «For Good Service to TPU» was awarded to 5 people, certificates of merit and letters of gratitude for distinguished service in science, creative work, sports and self-management were awarded to 20 graduates.

The graduates were awarded such a long-awaited document confirming their right to enter adulthood to the strains of the unchanged hymn of students «Gaudeamus Igitur». The graduates will always remember the years spent at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Especially it regards international students for whom to obtain higher education in Tomsk, Siberia is a small adventure which they will remember their whole lives.

Ilela Alfa Edison, Indonesia: «I would like to thank all my lecturers and scientific supervisors, as well as my fellow students. TPU is a home for me, and all of them are my family. I will never forget their contribution to formation of my personality. It was the most wonderful time of my life. IТm going to miss my group and Tomsk. Now IТm planning to enter post-graduate program, get a job in a good company, and get married of course».

Bilegsaikhan Oyunbold, Mongolia: «During the years of study at TPU I gained self-confidence, knowledge of a new language and a lot of friends. Best of all I remember the day when I joined chess select team of TPU. Being part of the team, I attended various contests and won four gold medals, three silver medals and one bronze medal. I would like to express my gratitude to A.V. Aristov, my scientific supervisor, S.M. Slobodyan, professor of the Department of Electric Circuits and Electric Engineering and A.T. Nikitin, chess trainer. With all my heart I wish you health, many years of life, great happiness and plenty of smiles!»

Dinh Cong Quy, Vietnam: «I am a graduate of the BachelorТs degree programme now, but IТm planning to continue my study at TPU on the MasterТs degree programme. During five years in Tomsk I got acquainted with students from different countries, representatives of different cultures and acquired knowledge. I remember Russian languages classes, Russian holidays and kindness of the residents of Tomsk. I believe IТm going to miss my friends, University, hostel, lecturers and snow when I graduate».

Kong Ruirui, China: «TPU gave me a lot Ц knowledge, and, certainly, a diploma. I got familiar with the Russian culture, traditions and its history. I am very grateful to all lecturers for teaching me. I will never forget Russia, the country where I have lived the most important part of my life».

Ogidan Oluwole Olubunmi, Nigeria: «I have plenty of lively recollections Ц skiing, the first viewing of 3D movie, acquaintance with new people from different countries, their culture and Russian language. I would like to thank all lecturers and those people who made my stay in Tomsk comfortable and joyful».