Our university has brought up a pleiad of outstanding scientists and engineers for more than a centenary history. They made a significant contribution to the history of world science, education, economics and culture and by that have glorified the Siberian city of Tomsk. The existing age-old traditions of the university created the image of elite high school and generated an engineering brotherhood of Tomsk Polytechnics, living and working all over the world.

The graduates are faithful to their teachers and the University. Each year Tomsk Polytechnic University opens the doors to its graduates who are coming back in native walls after five, ten, twenty and even more years later to meet here their youth and friends from unforgettable student's years.

Graduates! Your instructors and teachers do remember you and are proud of you. New students' generations consider you the real example for imitation without any doubt. This lively relationship helps the university to keep its traditions and their continuity and also to disseminate them to every part of the world!

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