Alumni 2014

Graduation ceremony for the IIE&LC students was held on 28, July 2014 at TPU International Culture Centre. 35 Russian and 119 international graduates from Kazakhstan,China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cameroon, Egypt, Indonesia awarded their certificates. 48 students graduated with honors.

Also, there were students who got special awards: 8 graduates were handed bronze medals For the merits to TPU, 21 students received Certificates of Merits from the TPU Rector and 7 graduates got TPU letters of appreciation.

Dear alumni! We would like to congratulate you on your Graduation! Remember your Alma Mater, teachers and friends. IIE&LC faculty members and staff wish you success in career and life!

Li Zemin (China): I spent the best years of my life here in Tomsk. I would like to thank my teachers and wish TPU prosperity and success!

Munkhbat Galindev (Mongolia): I tell you, my friends, that I love you very, very much. I would like to say than k to all IIE&LC staff for their attention, aid, for that they were always with us and support us as their closest friends. I wish you luck and success! Thank you, my dear TPU!

Nguyen Van Thanh (Vietnam): I want to thank the teachers of IIE&LC and INR Department of Technology of Organic Substances and Polymer Materials, who gave me knowledge and experience in my scientific researches. I find it very important for my future work. I love Tomsk, love its kind citizens, amazing nature and beautiful Tom river.

Ginting Rutta (Indonesia): I will recall these years with gratitude as there were a lot of good things in my school and personal life. Ill remember my friends, fellow students at Department of Electric Drives and Equipment all my life! I would like to thank everybody who helped me at stood with me during my training. I wish you happiness, success and all the best in your life!