Alumni 2012

Graduation ceremony for the IIE&LC students was held on 29, June 2014 at TPU International Culture Centre. 121 graduate students awarded their certificates, 35 of them graduated with honors.

Among our alumni were 85 international students from all over the world: India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iran, Iraqi, Nigeria, Turkey and 36 graduate students form Russia. Also, there were students who got special awards: Daria Ilyina, Hoang Chan Tkhe and Dao An Tuan were handed bronze medals For the merits to TPU, 20 TPU letters of appreciation for their achievements in TPU school and social life.

The Embassies of India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, China as well as the Government of Tomsk oblast sent their congratulations to the IIE&LC alumni. The first year students of IIE&LC organized special concert for the alumni, their relatives, friends and all the guests of the graduation ceremony.

Nguyen Thi Minh Vu (Vietnam): I spent the brightest years of my life in Tomsk. I would like to thank IIE&LC staff for everything good they did to us. Let health and happiness be always with you. I wish TPU prosperity!

Karim Peshang (Iraq): TPU is a good University, Tomsk is a beautiful, quiet city with kind, cheerful citizens. IIE&LC staff are always ready to help you. So, Im glad that I spent here in TPU 7 years, studying with Russian and international students

Zhang Jinghan (China): I made the most right and promising choice enrolling at TPU. This University is the best! Thank you, TPU!

Aya Mongush (Russia): As people say, no pain, no gain! I would like to thank IIE&LC for all the challenges we faced. We coped with them and became stronger and cleverer. Thank you for invaluable knowledge and great experience!