Alumni 2011

Graduation ceremony for the IIE&LC students was held on 29, June 2011 at TPU International Culture Centre. 86 graduate students awarded their certificates, 37 of them graduated with honors.

Among our alumni were 30 from Russia and 56 international students from all over the world: China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, Ecuador, Australia, Nigeria. Alina Aslyamiva, Victoriya Kantemirova and Ngo Quang Ha were handed bronze medals For the merits to TPU, 8 graduate students received TPU Certificates of Merits and letters of appreciation.

Tomsk and Tomsk region Government representatives, TPU Deputy Vice-Rector for Educational and International Affairs T.S. Petrovskaya, Directors of the TPU Institutes, Heads of the Department, Scientific Supercisors, Master Degree Coordinators, teachers and parents came to the solemn graduation ceremony.

Tatuana Britvina (Russia): This building with majestic and solid walls, a beautiful frontwall is our University, where we study, have fun, fall in love and separate, have quarrels and then put up with each other. This is the whole world, whole life, a real era! I would like to wish our University prosperity and our students patience, optimism, and knowing of their motives and goals

Vu Trung Hung (Vietnam): I would like to thank all IIE&LC staff and say that that was a great chance to study here. I wish you sound health, happiness and success teaching of next students!

Cassels Ryan (Australia): I would like to thank all the teachers who taught me these 5 years. Ill remember these years and those people who helped me and who gave me a chance to study here. TPU is a great University and I consider that it was a great fortune to enroll!