Alumni 2010

Graduation ceremony for the IIE&LC students was held on 30, June 2014 at TPU International Culture Centre. 79 graduate students awarded their certificates, 33 of them graduated with honors.

Among our alumni were 21 graduates from Russia and 56 international students from all over the world: Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China, Vietnam, Iraqi, Egypt, India. Moreover, Marina Duhova, Irina Falkovich, Hoang Tuan Anh, Truong Duc Trung, Le Hoai and Tran Chi Thien were handed bronze medals For the merits to TPU.

Tomsk and Tomsk region Government representatives, TPU Deputy Vice-Rector for Educational and International Affairs T.S. Petrovskaya, Directors of the TPU Institutes, Heads of the Department, Scientific Supercisors, Master Degree Coordinators, teachers and parents came to the solemn graduation ceremony.

Dong Wenbo (China): During these 2 years I took a closer look at Tomsk city, TPU and got a met of Russian friends. I got a degree and learned Russian: I know that this knowledge can assist me in my future life. Now Im going to apply for Jilin University in China. And my dream- to travel all over the world, can come true here, in Russian cities Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Marina Duhova (Russia): I will remember Tomsk for its beautiful wooden architecture and bright student life. The first thing I noticed when arrived in Tomsk was the great amount of students and young people. That very moment I felt that want to live and study in such a young city. I would like to thank my fellow students for making our studying funnier and happier .Per aspera ad astra is the most appropriate saying for our group, because there was always competitiveness, that made us be better!

Le Si Hoang (Vietnam): When I came in Tomsk, I saw snow, for the first time in my life! And it flashed through my mind that snow was not for the Asian boy, who I am really is, but later I started to concern it easier. Now, when Im going to live, I understand that Ill miss it. Tomsk, TPU, my teachers and friends will be in my heart forever!