Alumni 2009

On July 3rd, 2009 glowing alumni in emerald gowns and graduation caps occupied TPU International Culture Centre. Young people shared their impressions with each other in different languages, such as English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabian and Farsi. And that is not by chance: 83 IIE&LC graduates out of total 117 came to study at TPU from Egypt, China, Vietnam, Columbia, Iraqi, Iran, Nigeria and Jamaica. Among our alumni were 34 graduates from Russia.

All the TPU Leadership together with University Rector Pyotr Chubik, Tomsk Government representatives and foreign guests including the Adviser of the Nigerian Ambassador to Russia Mr. Ojo, Nigeria Education Minister Mr. Azih and the Adviser of Iranian Embassy in Russia Mr. Ali Boqui attended the Graduation Ceremony.

Pyotr Chubik started the Ceremony:

- TPU has been preparing high qualified specialists for more than a century. Among our alumni are almost 150 thousands of prominent engineers, scientists and public men. Dear alumni, I believe that you will remember your Alma mater with pride and respect!