Life on Campus

Students Clubs


The TPU provides high-quality facilities for those interested in sports. Numerous gyms, sport halls, sport grounds attract students to play basketball, volleyball, football and tennis.

TPU competitions in skiing, volleyball, and karate take place among students and academic staff annually. The adventurous ones can try mountain skiing, rowing, horse riding, motorcycling and even hang-gliding.

You may choose to spend time among the following TPU sport clubs:

  • tourist,
  • rock - climbing,
  • scuba - diving "Aphalina",
  • hang - gliding "Orion",
  • motorcycling.

There is everything you need for active recreation: swimming pools, fitness-halls, saunas, private and municipal sport complexes, including fitness centres for aerobics and body-building.

'Winter football" (soccer) is highly popular in Siberia. Our students take an active part in a campus and city soccer championship.

In order to get involved, go to the Department of Academic Affairs and Social Support (room 432) of our Institute. We will help you to find an activity that suits you best.