Pick up

Pick up service

At our University a pick-up service is organized for international students who arrive in Tomsk for the first time (at the airport or railway station). The university's representative will meet you, arrange an accommodation, get you acquainted with the TPU campus and will help you to adjust to life in Russia.

An international student gets a free pick-up service only if he/she submits the information on his/her route (date, time, flight or train number) not later than one week before arrival. TPU organizes a pick-up service only in Tomsk.

This map will help you on the first days of your staying in Tomsk. The map displays location of your students hostel, nearest University buildings, market, self-service store.


Useful adresses:

  • Students hostel: Usova 21/2
  • Educational Building: 19th building of TPU, Usova 4a
  • Main building of TPU: Lenin prospect 30

Contact person:

  • Admission Office
    Office phone number: +7 (3822) 606-476
    Contact Address: 420 office, 4a, Usova Street, Tomsk, 634050, Russia