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Russian Language and Culture Winter School "Siberian Holidays"

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Your Russian language level

After 3 weeks of winter school at TPU

Russian language for full-beginners

  • you will study the Russian alphabet, some words and phrases;
  • you will write in Russian;
  • you will read and understand easy texts;
  • you will speak about everyday life;
  • you will know the most common Russian words and essentials of grammar.

Basic course of the Russian language
A1-A2 level

  • you will make up dialogues and express your ideas;
  • you will understand common texts and ask questions;
  • you will express your opinion;
  • you will tell about your family, country, hobby, friends, profession.

High-level course of the Russian language
B1- B2 level

  • you will improve your language level;
  • you will read newspapers and magazines in Russian;
  • you will understand films and TV programs in Russian;
  • you will discuss different topics about politics, culture, art, etc.