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Russian Language and Culture Summer School "Siberian Holidays"

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The fastest, most efficient and interesting way to learn language is to visit native country of the language. It is better to learn Russian in Russia!

Target audience - foreign citizens aged 18 who are interested in or are already learning Russian language and culture, planning to deepen their knowledge of the subject or start learning from scratch.

The school organizers have the following tasks:

  • to immerse learners in the Russian language environment,
  • to show real pragmatic socio-cultural situations and comment on them,
  • to increase learners internal motivation for Russian language practice,
  • to create psychological comfort,
  • to demonstrate Russian national traditions and mentality peculiarities,
  • to establish cross-cultural dialogues.

Jacopo Nardiello (Italy): «I have been learning Russian for 1 month now. I started from the very beginning I had been studying for 1 week before I came here. About my Russian teacher she is nice, she is great really. She understood properly the level. It is just me and a French guy. She is driving us in the Russian language properly. It is difficult, but it works. The arrangement, the organization is great. I would say problems always happen. But you should consider how the university helps facing them. And I can say that here everybody helped me a lot in all the small steps. ...»

School of Russian language and culture "Siberian Holidays offers:.

  • Effective and fascinating study of Russian language in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere;
  • Opportunity to make new friends from different countries;
  • Immersion in the language environment;
  • Individual approach to each student, studying in small groups;
  • Qualified, creative, energetic teachers;
  • Modern technologies of studying Russian language;
  • Extensive cultural program: Excursions, acquaintance with the nature of Siberia and amazing culture of its people, clubs by interests, discussion round tables, workshops and many other;
  • Optimal ratio of price and quality of educational services
  • Authors programs allow the students to:
    • learn about culture, literature and history of Russia (Siberia in particular);
    • get acquainted with Russian folklore;
    • visit «Siberian Athens» the student town;
    • learn about life in Siberia.

Russian Language and Culture Summer School program description

Course duration

3 weeks (60 academic hours)

Note! Total number of hours depends on the program chosen.

Training period

15.07.2019 02.08.2019 and 05.08.2019 - 23.08.2019

Language of instruction



from Monday through Friday 10.25 till 13.55,
after 14.30 cultural program

Tuition fee

  • Education program: 30 000 RUR
  • Application fee: 75 EUR
  • Flexible cultural program according to your chouce ~ 6000 RUR

CERTIFICATE upon completion certifying training in the Summer School!

Training for the international exam - Russian as a second language (TORFL) and passing of A1-C2 exam with the state certificate after completion is possible.

Testing is conducted prior to the course in order to evaluate the language proficiency of students, training objectives and formation of groups.

If you want to join our Summer School, please fill in this Application Form, send it to e-mail and follow furher instructions. Deadline - 1,5 month before the beginning of the Program .

  • TPU hotel-type hostel No.15

    Hotel-type hostel of Tomsk Polytechnic University is a modern building located not far from the main building in the TPU campus and equipped with the electronic security system.

    For conveniences sake of guests there are kitchens, paid laundry, room for self studies. The rooms are equipped with refrigerators, TV-sets, telephones. There is a cafe on the first floor of the hostel. The fee includes cleaning of rooms.

    Accommodation fee per month:

    • Single room — 3600 rubles
    • Place in a double room — 2700 rubles
  • TPU hostel No. 19

    Sectional type hostel. 2 and 3 people in a room. 4 rooms, shower and sanitary conveniences in a section. Each floor has classrooms, kitchens, laundries and drying rooms. There is a canteen on the first floor of the hostel.

    There is a gym, English speakers club, dancing room, art school, academy of photography etc in the hostel.

    Accommodation fee per month:

    • Place in a double/triple room (beds, a wardrobe, tables) — 800 rubles
    • Place in a double/triple room (beds, a wardrobe, tables, a TV set / a fridge)— 1040 rubles

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