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Russian language for beginners
А1-А2 level

You will be able to:

  • start communication, know how to get acquainted, know verbal etiquette forms;
  • ask questions, tell about facts and objects, about people, express a desire, request, invitation, agreement, disagreement, or refusal;
  • communicate in Russian at the University, in library / store / bank / cafe / transport, on the streets and at the post office.

Active vocabulary – 760 words.

Basic course of the Russian language
В1-В2 level

You will be able to:

  • talk on the following subjects: about yourself, family, friends, study or work, your workday, spare time, your country, its capital, native town, health and weather;
  • study in Russian at any RF University, talk on politics, arts, education, etc.

Active vocabulary – 2300 words.

Russian language advance course
С1- С2 level

You will be able to:

  • talk on the subjects that are relevant for you as a person (family, work, rest, man and woman, parents and children, travel, spare time, hobbies);
  • talk on professional subjects;
  • talk on social and cultural themes (man and society, politics, economy, man and science, man and arts);
  • talk on the subjects associated with general humanistic problems (man and nature, spiritual development of a man, man and space, etc.).

Vocabulary – 10000 words. Active vocabulary – 6000 words.