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Russian language courses

The quickest, most effective and interesting way of learning to speak Russian is to visit native country of the language. It is best to learn Russian in Russia!

Our Institute is pleased to invite everybody to learn the Russian language. Russian language courses are designed to provide learners with the opportunity to acquire or to improve their language skills.

We offer a wide range of Russian language courses:

Our Institute has a special department teaching the Russian language: Department of Russian as a Foreign Language. Talented staff of the department improves learning system of the Russian language and makes all their best to provide high quality learning of Russian language courses at our University. Study facilities allow students to improve their skills either with teachers and in self-mode using textbooks, audio, video materials and computer programs.

You are welcome to learn Russian in Russia at the Institute of International Education and Language Communication of Tomsk Polytechnic University!

Interested? Just come and join us!

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