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Specialist programs in Russian

Tomsk Polytechnic University offers international students a wide range of Specialist/Engineer Diploma programs in Russian.

The duration of study is 5 years:

  • First 2 years - study in small international groups. The first two-year study level includes modules in natural sciences, mathematics, socio-economics, humanities and a few specialty-oriented modules.
  • Last 3 years - study together with Russian students. The study modules of the second level (the next two years of study) include advanced profession-oriented modules, subjects in natural sciences, electives from special socio-economics modules and training in industrial and other companies.

Don't worry about your Russian language proficiency. University 1-year Preparatory Course will help you to be prepared for taking a Specialist/Engineer diploma programs in Russian.

The professional study courses leading to the Specialist/Engineer degrees ensure training of well-qualified professionals in engineering and technology (Engineer) or in economics, humanities, etc. (Specialist). The engineer courses include special disciplines and modules in modern technology and technological equipment oriented towards creativity and invention, carrying out the interdisciplinary projects, and industrial training.

Note! The holder has the opportunity to continue his research and to earn Ph.D. after 1-2 years.



Entrance Tests

14.05.02 Nuclear Power Plants: Design Engineering, Exploitation and Engineering

  • Nuclear Power Plants Design Engineering and Exploitation

Physics, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

21.05.02 Applied Geology

  • Geological Survey, Solid Minerals Exploration
  • Oil and Gas Geology
  • Subsoil Water Exploration and Engineering and Geological Research

18.05.02 Material Chemical Technology in Modern Power Engineering

  • Material Chemical Technology of Nuclear Fuel Cycle

21.05.03 Geological Survey Technology

  • Geophysical Methods of Well Surveying
  • Technology and Exploration Techniques of Mineral Deposits

14.05.04 Electronics and Automation of Physical Installations