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Bachelor's degree programs in Russian

Tomsk Polytechnic University offers international students a wide range of Bachelor's degree programs in Russian.

The University adheres to the CDIO concept and creates the possibilities for students to study on individual education plans (in English and in Russian). The CDIOпїЅ INITIATIVE is an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. The CDIO approach focused on practical aspects of education, including Problem/Project-Based Learning. Three Bachelor's Degree programs were updated according to CDIO concept, they are: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering.

The duration of study together with Russian students is 4 years. A Bachelor's degree holder could be employed as a middle-ranking engineer/specialist.

Don't worry about your Russian language proficiency. University 1-year Preparatory Course will help you to be prepared for taking a Bachelor's degree program in Russian.

Tomsk Polytechnic University offers international students a wide range of bachelor's degree programs in Russian in the following areas:


Entrance Tests

01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Mathematics, Informatics, Russian (TORFL-1)

03.03.02 Physics

Physics, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

05.03.06 Ecology and Nature Management

Geography, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering

Informatics, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

09.03.02 Information Systems and Technologies

09.03.04 Software Engineering

11.03.04 Electronics and Nanoelectronics

Physics, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

12.03.01 Instrument Engineering

12.03.02 Optical Engineering

12.03.04 Bioengineering Systems and Technologies

13.03.01 Heat and Power Engineering and Heat Engineering

13.03.02 Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering

13.03.03 Power Machinery Engineering

14.03.02 Nuclear Physics and Technologies

15.03.01 Mechanical Engineering

15.03.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Production

15.03.06 Mechatronics and Robotics

18.03.01 Chemical Engineering

Chemistry, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

19.03.01 Biotechnology

Chemistry, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

20.03.01 Safety in Technosphere

Physics, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

21.03.01 Petroleum Engineering

Physics, Mathematics, Russian (TORFL-1)

21.03.02 Land Management and Inventory

22.03.01 Material Science and Technology

27.03.05 Innovation Management

54.03.01 Design

Creative contest, Social Science, Russian (TORFL-1)

Note! The holder can continue his/her studies to earn the Master's Degree (2 years).

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