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2+2 Joint program

2 years in China + 2 years in Russia = 2 degree certificates recognized all over the world!

The Joint program of Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia) and Jilin University (China) makes it possible to get 2 degree certificates in 4 year study.

For students the participation in the joint program means:

  • study which combines great experience of two scientific and educational schools ;
  • experience of international communication and involvement in international interdisciplinary; research teams
  • opportunity to learn modern Russian language quickly and become acquainted with Russian culture;
  • getting the University scholarship (in case of good progress in study).

Future prospects for the graduates of the program:

  • opportunity to enter Master's course or Post-graduate course;
  • opportunity to get State scholarship for Master's course or Post-graduate course under the patronage of the university;
  • opportunity to get free education at Master's course (in case of excellent Bachelor's course graduation).

Jilin University

Shenyang Ligong University

030302 Physics

110304 Electronics and Nanoelectronics

120301 Instrument Making

120302 Optical Engineering

220301 Material Science and Technology

150301 Mechanical Engineering

270302 Quality Management in Engineering Systems

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