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Pre-University Program (technical) in English

  1. Preparation for entering TPU at BachelorТs degree technical programs in English (incorporation of English into curriculum for academic and profession-oriented purposes, and core disciplines in English Ц mathematics and physics Ц for successful passing of entry tests).
  2. Development of competencies in English.
  3. Adaptation to natural-climatic, social and academic conditions of Tomsk, TPU (incorporation of Russian into curriculum (general), country studies (getting acquainted with traditions and culture of Russia as well as with the Russian education system).
  4. Alignment of natural-research preparation of applicants with the purpose of successful adaptation to academic environment of the university.

Program implementation:

  • 10 months (from October 1 to June 30)
  • English (for academic and profession-oriented purposes)
  • Russian (general)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Country Studies (communication practice in Russian)
  • Physical Training (elective)

Steps to enter

  1. Get acquainted with a list of TPU Bachelor's degree programs in English.
  2. Make your choice!
  3. Get acquainted with a list of entry tests and evaluate your knowledge and abilities.
  4. Select the preparatory course for entry tests in English, which will allow you:
    • to refresh and develop your competencies on primary disciplines, required to enter the Bachelor's degree program;
    • to support and develop English competencies for professional and academic purposes;
    • study the basics of Russian for successful adaptation to Russian social and cultural environment;
    • make a choice of the program direction.
  5. Submit on-line application.
  6. Ask a manager additional questions (e-mail:, tel. +7 (3822) 606-476