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Master in Informatics and Computer Science


Networks and Communications

Learning mode


Duration of study

2 years (120 ECTS), official start date September, 1

Language of instruction


Entrance requirements

  1. 4 years Bachelor Degree Certificate.
  2. Proof of the English language proficiency (level B2 or higher).
  3. Sufficient result of Interdisciplinary exam.

Tuition fee (per year)

227 490 RUB

Recruitment for the Master's Programs is realized provided there are groups with a minimum number of 5 persons.

Professional skills:

  • to apply deep mathematical and professional knowledge of advanced hard- and software systems, Networks and Communications in resolving research and professional tasks;
  • to formulate and solve innovative analytical tasks based on fundamental and professional knowledge, analytical approaches and complex models under uncertainty; to apply the obtained knowledge in resolving vaguely defined professional tasks in the area of Networks and Communications;
  • to carry out innovative projects; to apply deep knowledge and original design methods to achieve competitive results under severe economic, environmental, social and other constraints;
  • to carry out innovative professional research with application of deep knowledge and original methods, including critical analysis of data obtained from global information resources, complex experiment, and formulation of conclusions in terms of ambiguity; to understand, process, analyze and summarize scientific and technical information, recent global experience in the area of network and communication engineering; to participate in fundamental and applied research aimed at creation of communication environments and computers of a new generation, develop and implement research results;
  • to create and use equipment, tools and technology aimed at innovative professional activities;
  • to apply professional knowledge in industry and at potential employers; respect their corporate culture. To master strategic technologies and platforms of world leading manufacturers (Microsoft, Cisco, SUN Microsystems) in the area of Networks and Communications;
  • to demonstrate knowledge of the educational and scientific activities of HEIs and pedagogical skills.

Fundamental skills:

  • to carry out innovative engineering activities with application of deep knowledge of project management and respect for intellectual property; to critically assess theoretical and experimental data, make conclusions, apply inventive techniques and legal basis to intellectual property;
  • to demonstrate the level of foreign language awareness that is sufficient to work in an international team, to develop documentation, present and defend research results; to demonstrate deep knowledge of social, ethic and cultural aspects of innovation engineering; to demonstrate expertise in sustainable development;
  • to demonstrate effective individual work as well as be effective interdisciplinary team member or leader; to demonstrate responsibility and respect for corporate culture;
  • to be capable of self-education during the whole period of professional career.

Science and research, industry (design and monitoring of Networks and Communications, development of network applications).

  • Laboratory for computational systems, Networks and Communications;
  • Virtual enterprise laboratory.
  • development of corporate network applications;
  • monitoring of Networks and Communications;
  • development of network applications;
  • design of computational systems, network and communication systems.
  • Roman V. Mescheryakov, Ph.D., associate professor;
  • Anatoly F. Tuzovsky, D.Sc., professor;
  • Vladislav P. Kotsubinsky, Ph.D., associate professor;
  • Evgeny M. Volodin, associate professor;
  • Oxana M. Zamyatina, Ph.D., associate professor;
  • Evgeny S. Cherdyntsev, Ph.D., associate professor.


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