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Master of Science in Biomedical Systems and Technologies


Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Program duration

2 years (120 ECTS), official start date August, 27

Language of instruction


Entrance requirements

Bachelor degree in Engineering

Tuition fee (per year)

227 490 RUB

The network Master's Degree Program "Biomedical Sciences and Engineering" is aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the field of systems and complexes for medical and biological and environmental purposes, automated processing system for specific information, biotechnical system supporting human life and other biological objects.

This project is focused on developing new network Master's Degree (NMD) Program "Biomedical Sciences and Engineering", which is a branch of the general direction 12.04.04 - "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies". The program will be a new element in the educational structure of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU). Siberian State Medical University (SSMU, Tomsk) is one of the partners.

Graduates will be prepared for scientific, engineering, manufacturing, managerial, educational and expert activities in the field of design and maintenance of new types of biomedical and environmental equipment, data acquisition and processing of biomedical and environmental information as well as monitoring and control of living systems, supporting their life activities.

The NMD program is based on an interdisciplinary teaching approach and includes basic medicine and biology, cell technologies, technologies of biocompatitable material, bioinformatics and high performance computing.

The originality of the program is due to careful selection of academic disciplines and topics of scientific research, the results of which are widely used for teaching purposes.The list of main topics includes:

  • augmented reality and its application in biomedicine
  • software and hardware for medical visualization including X-ray, computerized tomography, ultrasound and electrical impedance tomography
  • electrophysical methods and their application in medicine
  • development and medical application of the betatron
  • coherent and non-coherent light sources for medical diagnostics and therapy
  • Biomedical instrumentation
  • Processing methods of biomedical information
  • 3D modeling and prototyping of biological objects
  • Optical methods of biomedical research
  • Computer assisted clinical and laboratory diagnostics
  • Devices of medical introscopy
  • Tarasenko Victor Fedotovich, Doctor of Sciences in Physics, h-index: 26 Head of the scientific group Physics of Gas Discharges and Generation of Runaway Electrons
  • Sosnin Edward Anatol’evich, Doctor of Sciences in Physics, h-index: 14 Head of the scientific group Spontaneous UV and VUV Sources (Excilamps)
  • Evtushenko Gennadii Sergeevich,Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, h-index: 10 Head of the scientific group Physics, Technology and Usage of Pulsed Gas Lasers
  • Gubarev Fedor Alexandrovich, Candidate of Sciences in Physics, H-index: 7 Head of the scientific group Optical Methods of Diagnostics
  • Soldatov Alexey Ivanovich,Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, h-index: 2 Head of the scientific group Ultrasound in Technology and Medicine
  • Brazovsky Konstantin Stanislavovich, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the scientific group Biomedical Cybernetics

Fedor A.Gubarev, PhD

+7 3822 701810

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