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Tomsk Polytechnic University is pleased to invite exchange students who want to study abroad in Russia to participate in academic exchange programs. Our academic exchange programs are some of the best opportunities to study abroad!

The advantages of studying at our academic exchange programs are:

Taking part in the academic exchange programs at our university, you get an excellent chance to acquire work experience in international research teams, to improve communication skills in an international professional environment. The productive and challenging academic atmosphere at our campus will help you to future success in the workplace.

Learn about our partner universities. If your university is not present in this list, you can become an initiator of new partnership between your university and TPU. For more information, please, contact us.

Ales Bousi (Czech Republic): «Looking back at the time I spent in TPU (9 months in 2006), I must say it was a really good investment. Compared to my previous studies in western european and north american countries, I must say that this trip to Russia was a major turnpoint in my life, memories of which keep coming back to me so often, as if it was yesterday and it literally changed my life forever. From the educational point of view, more than 70% of my courses were individual, one-to-one with my teacher. I have learned so much from these courses ... never before I had such a deep understanding of the subject as well as thorough answers to all my questions. On the top of that, all lab courses were also individual and together with my teacher, I would choose which experiments to undertake next time. This is something that has never happened to me before. Moreover, I also attended a 3 week outdoor course of geology in the republic of Khakassia, visiting the mongolian steppe region with dozens of different mining sites and processing plants, in one word again - amazing experience. When it comes to cultural experience, these russian ways allowed me to understand all the history of czech-russian relations as well as todays international politics from a totally different point of view. Also, meeting other students from around the world has brought a lot of fun and interesting insights. Businesswise, speaking fluent russian is a major asset when searching for a job, since all major industrial companies in CZ heavily export into the former USSR countries. Just speaking fluent russian alone has proven worth of our trip to Tomsk for me and all my friends, because in these days all of us have jobs with a huge profit from this knowledge. Apart from my studies, me and my friends went to lake Baikal for a few days. Later, we rode the horses all across the Altay mountains. The raw nature and pristine adventure in exotic places far away from anything you can see in Europe. And the Tomsk student and night life! The cocktail of emotions, love, romance for you to discover. To sum up, studies at TPU were a thrill of a lifetime for us all. No word can describe the intensity of this whole experience. All I can say is I just wish I could do this once again ... »

We can offer you Russian language courses both for beginners and advanced students, from the elementary level to the philological one.

International students of Tomsk Polytechnic University also have an opportunity to take part in the academic exchange programs. Well reputed universities from all over the world invite you to get education and have a good time abroad.

Center for Academic Mobility of TPU is a special department for organizing academic exchange programs. You are welcome to participate!

For more information visit Centre for International Academic Programs .