Admission Policy

Admission Procedure

Online application

Financial information

Visa support

Once you have received the admission confirmation you need to send to the admission officer the following information:

  • name of the city and country where you will apply for visa;
  • place of your birth;
  • place of your permanent residence;
  • your occupation;
  • non-refundable application fee 75 EUR.

After receiving the above-mentioned documents and payments, we will send you a Visa Support Letter and Official Letter of Admission. Then, please, contact the Russian Embassy/Consulate General in the named city in order to get your visa.

Registration is an essential part of successful staying in Tomsk for foreigners. A foreigner has to be registered within 72 hours on arrival in Russia by the Federal Migration Service of the RF in Tomsk. If you are late you should submit travel ticket that you were on the journey (in case of train). It is an objective reason to be registered a little bit later. Otherwise, you will leave your finger-marks, pay a fine, and only after that get registration.