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  1. Do only international students live in the student hostel?
    Russian students live in the hostel together with international students. They study at the Institute of International Education and Language Communication and become interpreters and foreign language teachers. Therefore, youТll have a wonderful opportunity to find new friends and to talk to interesting people. More about life in campus >>
  2. How can I get the Invitation letter for a student visa?
    After you get a positive answer on your admission to Tomsk Polytechnic University and pay the application fee, the original of invitation letter and official letter of admission will be ready within a month. Both these documents are basic and necessary for the acquisition of a student entrance visa for Russia. More about admission procedure >>
  3. Can I pay tuition and accommodation fees via credit card?
    The university can not accept payment via credit card. Payment is to be made by means of transfer to the university bank account. After you arrive in Tomsk, the university representative will help you to open an account in a bank to pay tuition and accommodation fees. But you can use a credit card to make purchases in stores and convert money into cash in ATMs located in the university buildings, banks, large stores, entertainment centers and other public places. More about Methods of Payment >>
  4. How can my parents transfer money to me?
    Your parents will be able to transfer money to your credit card, bank account or by means of Western Union.
  5. How hard is it to adapt to the Siberian climate? What is necessary for it?
    All the four seasons are well identifiable in Tomsk. They smoothly pass from one to another, so it wonТt be stressful for you if you come, for example, in summer. All you need to feel comfortable in various climatic conditions is the right clothes, which can be easily purchased in Tomsk stores. More about weather>>
  6. Is it true that brown bears walk in the streets of Siberian cities?
    This is the most widespread myth about Siberia. In Siberia, you can only meet bears in zoos and impassable taiga.

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