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Weather Conditions – outer clothing

Tomsk is located in the southwestern Siberia. Climate in Siberia is quite severe; winters here are rather cold and lengthy. The average temperature is about -15/18 degrees Celsius (about 5 degrees Fahrenheit), while for a few days in the middle of winter it could be as low as -30°C. It does not feel terribly cold during these days because of the dry, still air. Siberians say, «There is no bad weather, only bad clothing». In order to preserve your health you should wear warm clothes. A fur-cap, a scarf, mittens, warm jacket, warm trousers, socks and winter foot-wear are necessary to live in Tomsk.

Someone does not like wearing heavy winter clothes, but you should do it in order to preserve your health.

Russian Stereotypes about clothes.

Most people think that Russian fashion is very special: Russians wear big fluffy hats, fur coats and valenki (warm woolen boots) because it is always very cold in Russia.

Firstly, it is not always cold in Russia. Winters do not last all year round. Siberians also have summer, when they wear t-shirts, sunglasses and get sun-tanned.

Secondly, fluffy hats were fashionable in times past. People mostly in villages wear fur hats but they are not big and not that fluffy. As for valenki, they are still popular in the countryside, especially among farmers. Valenki are very good if you live in the village where there is always a lot of snow. But in the city people usually do not wear valenki, follow fashion and look stylish.

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