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Tomsk is a city where you can find many places to relax after classes. There are many cafes, restaurants, snack bars and bistros, which are open till late and offer good food at very reasonable prices. There are night clubs and discos where you can dance to your favorite music, or watch a show. If you want to do sports, there are sport facilities and bowling parks in many places around the city.

If you want to get a cultural experience, you should visit art galleries, museums. There are many concert halls and cinemas in Tomsk. Theatres offer a wide range of classical, modern and experimental productions. It would be difficult to be bored in Tomsk for sure.

Tomsk Regional Arts Museum

The collection presented in the museum comprises works of Old Russian, Russian and West-European art, as well as some works of contemporary artists: paintings and graphics, sculpture, attributes of decorative and applied art. The museum holds the largest in Siberia collection of local artists works of the XIX- early XXth centuries. The museum auditorium presents a wide range of lectures on history, matters of Russian and foreign fine arts that includes original course on history of Christianity, course on fine arts for children, on folk trading and crafts, etc.

Address: Nakhanovich Lane, 3. Phone: +7(3822) 514-106

Tomsk Planetarium

Tomsk planetarium is one of the oldest in Russia. A winding staircase coming from the very underground will take you to an observatory with a viewing point. There is a lecture hall with a dome on the second floor where educational multimedia courses for visitors are conducted. They are Astronomy for everyone which includes observing the night sky and "Tunguss phenomenon" telling the mystery of the largest iron-fall happened in Siberia.

The staff is constantly following the updates in the sphere of the Universe research; promotes scientific world outlook and interest to the surrounding environment.

Address: Lenina Prospect, 82/a, building 1. Phone: +7(3822) 513-633

First Museum of Slavic Mythology

Right in the center of the city there is the Museum of Slavic Mythology, devoted to national arts Slavic customs and traditions. The museum comprises art-gallery of contemporary artists such as V. Korolkov, B. Olshanskiy, A. Klimenko, a souvenir shop (averters, items of folk crafts), a Slavic garment store and a book shop.

The museum conducts excursions on specific topics, workshops on making soft and wooden toys (doll-averters, Matrioshkas painting).

Address: Zagornaya Street, 12. Phone: +7(3822) 52-79-50,210-333

Siberian Botanical Garden

It is the first Botanical Garden in Asian part of Russia. It was founded by Russian botanist P.N. Krilov in 1885. Nowadays, the garden is a well-known botanical-introduction center holding the richest plant collection in Siberia. It takes up 126 hectars and includes a conservancy area (14 ha), orchard-greenhouse complex of 6500 sq.m., a research farm (112 ha) in the rural area Stepanovka. The Garden collected and preserved unique for the north latitudes plants comprising around 6000 species, shapes and sorts. A special attention should be drawn to the exposition of tropical and subtropical plants (over 2000 species and shape), which is now considered to be "Siberian tropic forest" in Tomsk.

Address: Lenina Prospect, 36. Phone: +7(3822) 529-816

Tomsk Regional Drama Theatre

The theater is one of the oldest ones in Siberia and is located right in the central part of the city, in the Governors square. The first theater building was constructed by a merchant and gold digger N.E. Filimonov. In 1970-1980 years the troop started performing on the Soviet Union level tours to Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk, Kharkiv, and many other cities. The cast was awarded the Certificates from all-Union and Russian national festivals.

Address: Lenina Square, 4. Phone: +7(3822) 512-160,+7(3822) 512-904

Theatre "Version"

The youngest theatre in Tomsk, the first private drama theatre in Russia, was opened on December 5, 2006. A magnificent building was constructed by a private entrepreneur Ivan Tyutrin for his wife, an actress of Tomsk Regional Drama Theatre Vera Tyutrina. The theatre is constantly developing. Playbill contains Chekhovs, Vampilovs, Choderlos de Laclos plays. The director and the troop are anxious to find a way to the hearts of Tomsk citizens and guests, want them to visit their theatre.

Address: Belinsky Street, 40. Phone: +7(3822) 527-515

Tomsk State Regional Philharmonic Hall

Tomsk Philharmonic Hall comprises two halls: organ hall and a big concert hall. For a number of years the philharmonic hall hosts tours of the leading musicians and welcomes distinguished artists.

Address: Lenina Square, 12a. Phone: +7(3822) 515-956, +7(3822) 512-869

Multiplex "Kinomax"

"Kinomax" is one of the biggest cinemas in Tomsk. You can watch masterpieces of world's cinematography or just relax and have fun. It has numerous halls that differ in size and conditions: IMAX, Dolby Digital, VIP, 5D etc. Moreover, "Kinomax" has cafes and bars where you can spend time waiting for the beginning of a movie or discussing just watched movie with your friends.

Address: Rosa Luxemburg Street, 73. Phone: +7(3822) 90-90-20

Entertainment Center "Fakel"

One of the largest entertainment centers in the city. It offers a night club, bowling, cinema, billiard hall, slot machines, cafes, Internet club, cafe-bar, fitness club BJ, hair salons, tourism services, English center.

Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 120. Phone: +7(3822) 555-550

Entertainment complex "Shariki"

This complex comprises bowling alley, cinema, billiard hall, cafe, restaurant, sauna, and children playground. One place can offer a great deal of impressions, opportunity to spend a good time with friends, family and colleagues.

Address: Severny gorodok, 48/1. Phone: +7(3822) 650-876, 7(3822) 660-660

Extreme-park "Les Razvlecheniy"

It is 15 km far from the city in rural area. A modern park of outdoor rest offers a wide range of activities: shooting flying plates, extreme obstacle course, rock-climbing wall, paintball, quad bikes, Russian sauna with a water reservoir, horse riding the most interesting ways of having a rest for guests and citizens of Tomsk.

Address: Nekrasova Street, 22.