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Policy of Internationalization

The Policy of Internationalization confirms the absolute devotion of the university community to the process of internationalization of education and further development of integration with the world scientific and educational system when Russia is becoming a part of the global economic territory.

  1. The university establishes and develops partnership with prestigious educational institutions and organizations abroad whose activity is focused on internationalization of education, development of cross-cultural communication and mutual understanding among nations.
  2. The university provides wide access to the information resources and encourages the faculty and students to learn foreign languages and develop their professional and cultural competence.
  3. The university facilitates the development of academic and scientific exchanges, organises and takes an active part in international conferences and seminars, programs and projects aiming at internationalization and improvement of the quality of education.
  4. The university invites Russians and people from all over the world to study or continue their education and guarantees them equal opportunities and favourable conditions for living and studying.
  5. The university extends the range of educational programs and services for Russian and foreign citizens with the intent of propagating the Russian language and culture throughout the world. The university renews and improves its programs with a view to give an opportunity for students and staff to become acquainted with culture, customs and traditions of foreign countries.
  6. The university pays much attention to carrying out the programs for raising qualification and training specialists for the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  7. The university develops export and import of educational programs and scientific projects, establishes necessary organisational structures (affiliations and representative offices abroad) for management, coordination and realisation of the educational programs. All intellectual and material resources are used for the prosperous development of the university.

The implementation of the policy of internationalization contributes to promoting Russian system of higher education and serves Russian geopolitic and socio-economic interests.