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Scientific and technical library of TPU is among the largest University libraries in Russia. There are more than 2 million books in Russian, English and oriental languages. TPU students and staff have access to online electronic research and academic resources of the leading publishing houses – Elsevier, Springer, Thomson-Reuters and many others.

TPU library today:

  • 4 delivery desks;
  • 6 computer based reading halls with Internet assess;
  • special hall for Course and Diploma Design with specialized programs providing research and engineering task solutions;
  • special places for individual and group project work;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • modern equipment.

Access to E-Resources. Brief Guide

The university departments and labs are well-equipped with modern computer facilities, which are widely used in the teaching process.

Through using PCs students and staff are able to enhance and develop their computing skills that are very useful in studies and of great importance in future career.

Students, professors and instructors are given access to the Internet and e-mail facilities. Many basic university courses and Russian Language training are available via the Internet.

The university provides its members with various sport facilities. Numerous gyms and sport grounds attract students to play basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, etc. Adventurous individuals can try mountain skiing, rowing, horse riding, motorcycling and even hang-gliding.

You may choose to join various students' sport and tourist clubs. You can find a lot for active recreation: swimming pools, fitness-halls, saunas, etc. Winter football (soccer) is highly popular among Tomsk students. They traditionally participate in the university and city soccer tournaments. The university International Culture Centre is open for everyone and invites to take up dancing, painting, performing drama and music.