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Tomsk Polytechnic University is:

  • High-quality education since 1896, over 150,000 alumni.
  • A leading position among all engineering and technological universities of Russia.
  • Awarded the status of the National Research University of Resource-Effective Technologies in 2009.
  • Member of EUA, CESAER, CLUSTER, SEFI, WFEO and other international associations.
  • Quality Management System, certified by the National Quality Assurance Ltd. (NQA, UK,
  • Partner of more than 30 universities and educational institutions around the world.
  • Wide range of study opportunities from bachelor to Ph.D. and doctorate level in Russian and English.
  • Special department, aimed at providing services for 3100 international students from about 40 countries.
  • Comfortable on-campus accommodation with modern facilities.
  • Location in a beautiful Siberian city Tomsk with developed infrastructure.

TPU was declared an especially valuable object of Russian cultural heritage by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1997. The century-old traditions established at the University have turned it to an elite institution of higher education and formed an elite engineering community of TPU graduates working all over the world. The University has trained over 150,000 highly skilled specialists in its 100-year history. Currently, the University provides more than 220 bachelor's, engineer/specialist, master's, and doctoral programs in engineering, economics, humanities.

The international activity of the University is based on direct contacts between researchers. Within the last years cooperation between research groups has resulted in the establishment of innovative research centres and international laboratories. The cutting-edge scientific research being performed by these international groups is on par with the work being done by other leading world research institutes: material science, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, atomic power engineering, hydrogen power engineering, renewable energy sources and energy saving technologies, environmental conservation and environmentally sound technologies, reservoir engineering, transportation, oil and gas processing technologies, information and telecommunication systems and technologies, non-destructive quality testing, electrical discharge and beam and plasma technologies, geochemistry of ground waters of various genesis and composition, etc.

TPU is a modern university campus with the well-developed infrastructure:

  • 14 student�s hostels with 6000 accommodations available
  • 750 recreation accommodations
  • 960 refectory accommodations
  • Over 200 Wi-Fi access points
  • 10 000 sq. m. of sport grounds
  • 29 University buildings with total area 321,311 sq. km.
  • 1500 academic staff
  • 52 research laboratories
  • Students from more than 50 countries of the world

Tomsk Polytechnic University is an innovative University, striving to meet the requirements of a new era by improving the quality of education and research to remain competitive at the international level.